In harmony with nature

About Us

ECOSAFE is committed to making waste management gained,affordable and socially acceptable.

The enterprise is committed to operate with a market orientation approach and exploit the opportunities that address the world concern to reduce energy bills while easing pressure on forests and trees: mitigate the negative impacts on natural resources as a result of poor disposal pf biodegradable wastes and while contributing to meeting the high demand for organic agriculture through the use of bio-slurry.  After careful consideration of the available opportunities, the enterprise would like to expand its services to provide solutions to most rural households as follows;

  1. Provide alternatives that offer Clean/Stress Free Cooking & Lighting.
  2. Addresses Sanitation Concerns.
  3. Addresses Health Concerns.
  4. Addresses Environment impacts as a result of unsustainable use of resources.
  5. Saves time and Money.
  6. Improves gender relationships in a home.

Our Services

Services offered include:
  • Free advice on constructed and prefabricated types of biogas systems of all sizes;
  • Construction and installation of biogas systems;
  • Offer after sales and user and extension services;
  • Repair and refurbish biogas systems;
  • We install septic biodigesters;
  • Construct water harvesting tanks
  • Supply of building materials (General Hardware, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Sanitation, Fitting and Fixtures, Glazing Materials and Tiles), Agricultural tools, Pipes and fittings, Plumbing materials and spares among others.

Year Of Experience


Successfull Projects


Team Members


Winning Awards

Key Success Factors

Since 2013, ECOSAFE has served over 459 clients that include households, institutions and enterprises among others. We have proven our expertise and acquired experience that we believe offers quality service/products to our clients’ households, businesses and wellbeing. At this point we are indebted to our clients for the trust they have unwaveringly placed in us since 2013 when we started our operations. The following are some of the key successes that ECOSAFE has registered:

  • Assembled a competent and motivated team comprising of certified biogas technicians and managers and sale;
  • Constructed and installed over 360 biogas digesters for domestic, enterprise and institutional biogas plants;
  • We are partners to Biogas Solutions Uganda Limited, a company charged with nurturing the biogas sub-sector in Uganda
  • Constructed 72 septic biodigesters for improved management of human excreta in homesteads and estates;
  • Supplied assorted hardware, water pipes and related accessories, protective wear and electricals hardware of different types and make to a number of public and private enterprises/organizations that include; National water and sewerage Corporation, National Agricultural Research Organization, Uganda Railways Corporation, Rift Valle Railways, Uganda National Roads Authority and Pearl Diary Farms Limited among others.
  • Constructed over 50 (fifty) water harvesting tanks of various sizes in different parts of the country
  • Introduced and running a Lease to Own arrangement under which mainly households and enterprises have acquired biogas plants of their choice by paying in instalments.
  • Promoted the use of biogas technology in achieving the triple objective of improving sanitation, generating biogas as an affordable and sustainable source of green energy and
  • production of quality organic soil conditioner that facilitates recycling of plant nutrients back to crop land
  • Trained over 250 farmers in various applications of bio-slurry in income generating activities such as using bio-slurry as a fertilizer and as an animal feeds supplements among other applications
  • ECOSAFE is a commissioned agent of Flexibiogas-biogas systems in Uganda. This is the only biogas system that consumes both livestock and plant wastes on market in the country.
  • Constructed five (5) bio-toilets for schools